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      Writing a thesis can be an extensive process with many ups-and-downs. Therefore, it is not surprising that you start losing your motivation. Are you noticing that you are (unconsciously) postponing the most important parts of your thesis?  Do you get the feeling, after a long day of working on your thesis, that you have not gotten much further or that there are constantly other things that seem to be more important than writing your thesis?

      We’ll help you out.

      All our professional thesis tutors have experience with motivating students and creating a sharp and clear plan. By helping you divide your thesis into well-ordered pieces, the thesis writing process will advance much faster, which will also allow you to work with a much more relaxed and pleasant feeling. By applying this structure, you are also able to setup intermediate deadlines. Not only will this create a sense of rhythm during your thesis writing process, but will also allow the thesis tutor to provide you with continuous structural feedback on your written pieces, which ensures that you stay on track or get back on track in no time.

      Need help with your thesis? Fill in the below form for a free consultation call!

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