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Over 170 specialized thesis tutors

Every one of our thesis tutors has a passion for research and education. Many of them are not only graduates, but also have their PhD or are attached to a university institution.
This means that our thesis tutors, not only, have experience with writing academic research studies, but they are also experienced in the field of tutoring.
We select our tutors based on their experience and the ability to explain complex issues as simple as possible. By providing you with concrete feedback, you will immediately become aware on how to bring your thesis to a successful end.
Because our thesis tutors are active within your field of study, they are aware of the developments in your field and are therefore able to provide you with correct and relevant feedback. This means that, within our team of thesis tutors, both theoretical as well as didactic and practical knowledge is present. This allows our tutors to inspire you and enthuse you to allow you to graduate efficient and effectively.
*Below you will find a small selection of our many professional thesis tutors. You can directly ask them a question, or if you wish to know more about our tutors, please contact us via 010 – 714 23 43 or click here to request a free consultation call.

VivienneEducation Sciences
Specialization(s): Education, Education Sciences, Business Administration and Social Sciences
AgnesPsychology & Communication
Specialization(s): Psychology, Communication, Customer service, Personnel and Labor Relations, Security, Civil law notary
Specialization(s): Work and Organizational Psychology, Sexology
CarlaCommunication and Anthropology
Specialization(s): Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non – Western Societies, Student advisor Faculty of Pedagogics, Ethnographic research
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Specialization(s): European Competition Law and Regulation, Psychology, Economics & Political Science
LindaCommunication Sciences and Psychology
Specialization(s): Communication Sciences , Healthcare Communications, Online communication , Social Psychology, Behavioral , Consumer Behaviour and Labour Organization
EllenAccount manager
Specialization(s): Policy and Organization , Health Economics, Health Interventions, Biostatistics and Economic Evaluations
RicardoBusiness & Public Administration
Specialization(s): Commercial economy, International Business, Restructuring Projects, Corporate Communication ( internal / external), Business Administration, HR, formation evaluation and Public Administration
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Fatih Psychology
Specialization(s): Psychology
SebastiaanSocial and Organizational Psychology
Specialization(s): Social and Organizational Psychology, Writing Education
Specialization(s): Sociology, Social Science, Urban issues and policy
MarkProject management and Business Administration
Specialization(s): Business Administration, Economics, Risk Management, Change Management , Information processes, Corporate, Sales and Account Management
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JittieSociology of Education
Specialization(s): Sociology of Education, Didactics, Pedagogy, Professional- and curriculum development methodology applied research
TeunInternational Relations and Diplomacy
Specialization(s): Internal Relations, Terrorism, Inter ( national) skill, Social History, Integrated Security , International Relations and Diplomacy & Political Science
MariannePsychology and Didactics
Specialization(s): Didactics and Child Studies, Education, Youth Psychology
DominiqueBedrijfskunde en Vastgoed en Makelaardij
Specialisaties: Bedrijfskunde, Human Resource Management, Real estate management, SPSS en statistiek
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Specialization(s): Humanities, History, Arts Policy and Management, African culture and language, Anthropology and Events
Specialization(s): Culture and Current History, Arts Policy, Multiculturalism, Media, Americanism and Administration
AniqueJournalist en Jurist
Specialization(s): Journalism, Writing, Research and Law
AndyEngineering and IT
Specialization(s): Project management, Scrum master, Agile coach, IT service management, Service level management, Change management, Proces management, Management consultancy, sales & business development
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