Specialization(s): European Competition Law and Regulation, Psychology, Economics & Political Science

Thesis tutor Jade

Recently, I finished  my legal study with an A for my master thesis in the field of European Law. I consider a thesis as the capstone of your education which not only reflects your knowledge and skills, but also your own interests. I, myself, experienced writing a dissertation as a challenging, educational and fun project, and I would like to help others approach it in the same way.


During my education, I wrote a great deal of essays and theses – both in Dutch and in English – on various legal topics. Whereby, I not only immersed myself in law, but where I also used an interdisciplinary approach, to which I added elements of economics, psychology and political science.


Currently, I work in the advocacy, but previous to this, I have been active in the educational sector. I tutored students, gave classroom education about law, and trained students for their economics exam and various law exams. In these activities, understanding the big picture and creating a motivating environment have always been paramount to me. The pleasure I get from tutoring students towards a good result, is for me the main reason to do this work.


In supervising students with writing their thesis, I mainly focus on proper planning and creating a clear structure with strong arguments. As the thesis progresses, details will also play an important role.

As a research assistant, I have gained a lot of experience with in-depth legal research and the use of appropriate reference styles (footnotes), which is highly valued in legal literature. So both the contextual part, as well as the writing process get the needed attention.

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