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At ScriptieMaster, you will be assigned a personal and professional thesis tutor after a free consultation call. This means that your thesis tutor will have an affinity to your study and research topic. Our MatchMakers will also ensure your tutor is suited to the requirements of your request. After all, a student with performance anxiety requires a very different form of thesis tutoring than a student with motivational problems.

ScriptieMaster Thesis Tutoring

All our thesis tutors are passionate about research and education. Many of them have not only graduated, but are also currently attached to a university or HBO institution. This means that our thesis tutors not only have experience conducting scientific research, but also have experience tutoring and guiding students doing the same.

Our thesis tutors have been selected based on their ability to explain and interpret complex matters in a simplistic manner. Through the concrete feedback they provide on your thesis, you will immediately know where to improve and how to continue to bring your thesis to a satisfactory conclusion. Because our tutors are active in the educational or professional field of your thesis topic, they will undoubtedly be aware of the latest developments taking place within it. This means that our broad tutoring team possesses both theoretical and practical knowledge and competence, with which they will be able to inspire and motivate you to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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  • Passion for education and research

  • Experienced in thesis tutoring

  • Didactic competence

  • Experts in process and content

  • Qualitative and quantitative research

  • Academic writing and feedback

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Work and Organisational Psychology

Specializations: Work and organisational psychology, applied psychology, business administration, entrepreneurship, innovation, communication and research, tourism and leisure.


Social Sciences

Specializations: (Qualitative) research in healthcare (policy research, intervention research, evaluation research).



Educational Sciences

Specialisaties: Teacher’s college for primary education, pedagogy, educational science, sports pedagogy, youth participation, qualitative research, social education issues.


Scriptiebegeleider - Karst

Social Psychology

Specializations: Psychology, philosophy, sociology

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Scriptiebegeleiders - Bia

Clinical Psychology and Music

Specializations: Positive psychology and technology, music teacher, SPSS, art and culture



Organisation Development

Specializations: Human resource management, marketing communication, management, strategy process and development



Finance and Control

Specializations: Finance and control, management control, business intelligence, process mining


Scriptiebegeleider - Deborah

Human Resource Management

Specializations: Human resource management, management sciences, environmental impact report and socio-cultural work

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English Literature and Law

Specializations: English language and literature, education, Dutch law, constitutional and administrative law


Scriptiebegeleider - Christine

Biology and Communication

Specializations: Communication sciences, medical biology, beta communication sciences, science journalism, editor, copywriter and teacher


Scriptiebegeleider - Dominique

Business Administration and Real Estate

Specializations: Brokerage, business administration, human resource management, real estate management, SPSS and statistics


Scriptiebegeleider - Erwin

General Health Sciences

Specializations: Physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, psychology, general health sciences, SPSS

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Scriptiebegeleider - Desire

Business Administration and Marketing

Specializations: Entrepreneurship, innovation management, strategic management and marketing


Scriptiemaster - Erlend

Economics and Public Administration

Specializations: Economics, public administration, Dutch-language, history, research skills, special educational needs, band and insurance theory

Marcel H


Business Economics, Register Controller, Qualified Assessor and Examiner in Professional Bachelor Education

Specializations: Business economics analysis, strategic planning, investment issues, change management, process description and internal monitoring




Specializations: Orthopedagogics, theoretical pedagogy, development psychology, SPSS

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Scriptiebegeleider - Harry

General and Commercial Economics

Specializations: Innovation management, job market, environmental science, data-analysis, statistics and SPSS


Scriptiebegeleider - Henk

Business Administration and ICT

Specializations: Lean Six Sigma and change management, consultancy, (electrical) engineering, environmental impact reporting and hotel management


Scriptiebegeleider - Jacobien

Communication and Security

Specializations: Forensic sciences, communication sciences, biology and medical laboratory research, biochemistry, public administration and integrated security


Scriptiebegeleider - Herman

Business Administration and Management

Specializations: Strategic management, international management, research and development, information technology (IT) and electrical engineering

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Scriptiebegeleider - George

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Specializations: Mathematics, natural sciences, environmental sciences, human movement sciences, medicine, medical technology, social sciences, policy and governance


Scriptiebegeleider - Don

Business Administration, Organisational Sciences en Training Science

Specializations: Business administration, organisational psychology, human resource management, educational science, supply chain management and logistics



Business Economics

Specializations: Business economics (strategy, organisation and marketing, and information management)


Judith - scriptiebegeleider

Communication, Management and Psychology

Specialization: Media and entertainment management, facility management, educational sciences, pedagogical sciences, psychology.

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