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      Contextual, Structural and process-oriented thesis tutoring

      We believe that, with the right type of thesis tutoring, every student is able to hand in a thesis that they can be proud of. At ScriptieMaster we will not match you with a generalist. We will always look for a thesis expert in your field of study. This gives you the ability to discuss ideas with your supervisor, relevant to your thesis topic.

      Together, we will break down your thesis in smaller pieces

      At ScriptieMaster, you will schedule checkpoints with your thesis tutor during which you will be provided with feedback. At the university you will only have a select number of checkpoints. This forces you to hand in a substantial amount of text in one time to get a “Go” or a “No Go”. While you are waiting for the feedback from your supervisor, there is a chance that the writing process will be put on-hold, which can cause it to stagnate. On top of that, you are often provided with feedback on previous chapters, which you had already finished and based on these chapters you subsequently continued working on the remainder of your thesis . This can be an unpleasant and frustrating experience and may cause you to learn less of the entire process. This is a shame, because writing a thesis is the perfect opportunity to become an expert in your field of study.

      Overview of your thesis process

      By cutting up your thesis into pieces, it becomes more manageable. Together with your thesis tutor, you will setup goals and deadlines, based on the requirements of your university which guarantees that you maintain a good “rhythm” during the writing process.  This creates a common thread, which runs throughout the structure of your thesis and allows you to continuously know whether or not you are heading in the right direction.

      A common problem, which many students face, is that they receive feedback regarding a mistake they made in a previous chapter. This may require the entire thesis to be adjusted. By scheduling frequent checkpoints with your thesis tutor, you will greatly limit this risk.

      Uncertain about the direction that you are heading with your thesis? Make sure that you schedule frequent checkpoints to ensure that you are provided with feedback on the piece that you are currently working on.


      Free consultation call

      When you apply for thesis tutoring at ScriptieMaster, we will start out with a Free consultation call. This call is used to get to know you better and  to understand the difficulties that you may be facing, but also to determine in which phase of the thesis writing process you are. Based on this information, we will find a personal thesis tutor for you, while taking your needs and wishes into account.

      Our method of approach

      After the free consultation, we try to match you with the most suitable thesis tutor within your area of study.
      This can usually be processed within one working day. Together with your personal thesis tutor, you will discuss the parts of your that you require help with and how often you will meet together. These appointments can take place via phone, Skype, E-mail or face-to-face on location.

      This provides you with the possibility of working from home and prevents any delay that you may have experienced, due to a long waiting time for feedback.

      During the thesis tutoring process, your personal thesis tutor will help you with your planning and help you stick to it. Besides this, the tutor will provide you with comprehensive contextual feedback, in order for you to know exactly what needs to be done to graduate. Our thesis tutors have a passion for research. This also reflects on the students who are being provided with thesis tutoring at ScriptieMaster. Via knowledge and enthusiasm, students can rediscover their motivation and interest in their thesis. Because the thesis tutor is not the supervisor from your university, you are able to ask him or her anything regarding your thesis.

      For more information, contact us via 010 – 714 23 43 or  request a free consultation call.

      At ScriptieMaster there are no “stupid” questions


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      Enter your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible for a free consultation call. During this call, our thesis expert will determine which phase of the thesis process you are currently in, what obstacles you are encountering and how, together, we can ensure that you finish your thesis on time. You can also contact us directly via +31 10 714 23 43.