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      30+ Approved Thesis Examples

      If you are one of the many students undertaking a thesis of your own for the first time, you might find yourself slightly lost. Writing a thesis can be a pretty daunting task, given its scale and duration, which is why you may be in need of a little guidance. Therefore, ScriptieMaster has compiled a list of 30+ approved thesis examples from 4 large databases to help you on your way. This will allow you to gain a bit of perspective on the task at hand.

      Even though you will most likely find these examples enlightening, it is important to know that your own thesis may differ greatly. Both conceptually and structurally, your thesis will be dependent on certain factors, such as your institution, academic level and field of study. Though we encourage you to take inspiration from these examples, it would be pertinent not to take too much inspiration.

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      Where to Find Reliable Thesis Examples?

      When devising your own thesis, remember that it has to be solely your work that goes into it. These thesis examples are meant as a form of inspiration and information, just to allow you to have a clear idea of what is expected of you. However, it is worth mentioning that not all institutions grade their students on the same criteria, meaning that to copy the layout and structure of a thesis derived from a different institution is extremely risky.

      There are numerous institutions that release copies of their students’ theses to the public. The University of Twente, for example has disclosed a long list of “Excellent Master Theses” written in English for students to take inspiration and extract knowledge from. Below you will find a list of various institutions that have also seen fit to release the theses of their alumni for your consideration.

      Bachelor’s Thesis Examples Database

      Wageningen University & Research

      Data Archiving and Networked Services

      Master’s Thesis Examples Database

      University of Twente

      PhD Thesis Examples Database

      Wageningen University & Research

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      Use of Thesis Examples

      Your institution will have given you certain guidelines to which your thesis must adhere. Conceptually and structurally your thesis will be graded on certain criteria dependent on these guidelines. Even though these guidelines are available to students, it can be reassuring to have a good look at an approved thesis, in order to gain a tangible idea of what it should look like. The thesis examples available above are solely meant to give students a clear perspective on what a desired result could look like depending on your institution and field of study.

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      Academically, plagiarism is taken very seriously and those found guilty of such an act could be subject to expulsion from their institution. Thesis examples can help you get a firm grip on what is expected from you but should only provide the inspirational basis of the work that you should do on your own. Your thesis is yours to complete and copying the work of others is often met with a zero-tolerance policy. Should you need any kind of support in the making of your thesis, ScriptieMaster provides its clients with experienced thesis tutors who will happily guide you through the process. These tutors can help you with the structuring of your thesis, collecting and analyzing of results and so much more. If you want to pass your thesis as efficiently as possible, be sure to request a free consultation with one of our MatchMakers, who will pair you with a specialized thesis tutor.

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