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Specialized in Media and Culture, Film Studies and text editing

Thesis tutor Marijke

Back in 2005, when I was a first year student, I tutored a friend of mine, who was writing her thesis. Writing was totally not her thing, however, it was totally my thing. My specialty then was editing and correcting, but also critically examining the overall structure and consistency of the text written by the student. Meanwhile, ten years later, I now have much more experience as an editor as well as a thesis supervisor.

In 2008, I graduated as an editor at the Institute for Media, Information and Communication. Here, I mainly specialized myself in web and text editing; I followed the minor Writing & Editing and did an internship at the web editorial office of the current-affairs program called “Netwerk”. Instead of entering the job market after my study, I continued studying at the University of Amsterdam. I was simply not done learning yet!

After a detour via Dutch Language and Culture, I ended up at the Bachelor Media & Culture, which I completed in 2013. Currently,  I am finishing my Master’s degree in Film Studies. During my studies at the university, my writing and academic skills greatly developed,  not only due to the required courses, but also with electivesuch as’ writing critiques’. Writing papers and theses are among my favorite study activities.

My experience with writing theses is that well begun is half done. Also I noticed that, as a writer, you are often so focused on one thing that you often oversee certain other things. In this situation, it is  best to have an extra pair of eyes that can view your thesis with a “helicopter view” and critically take a look at it. I can be that extra pair of eyes for you and help you create a well-structured thesis plan. I’m also there for to help you get through the whole  process. In the fields of media and culture, film studies, journalism and communication, I can also provide you with contextual feedback.

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