Specialisaties: Policy & Organization, Gezondheidseconomie, Gezondheidsinterventies, Biostatistiek en Economische Evaluaties

Thesis tutor Ellen

My name is Ellen and I’m currently working as an Accounting Manager Hospitals at Studelta. During my student years I completed two studies and wrote a total of three theses. First, I did the Bachelor study Sport, Health and Management in Groningen. Here I met many disciplines, ranging from psychology, pathology, and anatomy to writing a business plan. Also I was nominated for the thesis award at the Hanze University Groningen. With my Bachelor in my pocket, I went to Amsterdam to start a pre-master and subsequently the master Health Sciences. During my pre-master I got to know all the principles of research, from epidemiology to performing quantitative and qualitative research. During the Master Policy and Organization, I elaborated on various fields of Healthcare, like health economics, health interventions, biostatistics and economic evaluations in health care. I wrote my thesis for the RIVM about regional variation in hospital care costs in the Netherlands.

Not everyone finds a thesis fun to do and I also occasionally considered my theses as a huge obstacle to overcome, which also made me uncertain on how to start. But, over the years, I have learned that structure, thorough planning and asking the right questions are the most important aspects of writing a thesis. I would like to help you with your thesis. I am available for care-related  business-oriented questions all the way down to theses in the field of psychology, sports and health studies.

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