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      Dissertation vs. Thesis

      If you are browsing the web looking for dissertation help, there is something you may need to be aware of.Some countries draw a clear line between the definitions of words ‘dissertation’ and ‘thesis’. However, in many other countries, including the Netherlands, these two terms are interchangeable. For the countries that have established a distinction, a dissertation is often defined as a doctoral thesis, a thesis written to obtain a doctorate, or PhD. A thesis would then be the bachelor’s and master’s equivalent of the doctoral dissertation. Strangely, there are some countries that have the applied the opposite definition to the terms. Regardless of distinction, the two terms boil down to the same thing: research project.

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      What Is a Dissertation?

      As established, a dissertation is a research project most undergraduate or postgraduate students will have to complete in order to graduate. As most former dissertation candidates will tell you, it is a long, difficult and demanding project that will put to the test one’s will and determination, as well as their knowledge and resourcefulness. The years you have spent studying literature and attending lectures ultimately build up to this one assignment. Pass this test and you will have earned yourself a diploma.


      In order to write a dissertation, you will need to decide on a topic to research, which must be related to the field of your study. Once you have done this, explore the problems and dilemmas related to the topic and find one you are interested in researching. Ideally, the research you do related to the dilemma will be beneficial to industry professionals. Seek to add new knowledge, data and information to the topic, that was previously undefined.


      Once you have found a topic and dilemma to research, scour the web, and perhaps your local library, for some helpful literature on the subject. Research articles related to the topic can be used to properly define and support the research you are conducting. Make sure you make it clear to readers what you hope to achieve with your research and what your own research is based on.


      Once you have filled in your audience on the background of your dissertation, – and hopefully convince them it is built on pillars made of gold – it is time to do some practical research. Find a suitable way to test the hypotheses you have established for the research, gathering either quantitative or qualitative data using the wide variety of research tools at your disposal. Process the results, analyzing the data and measuring their significance, in order to determine whether the hypotheses can be accepted or rejected.


      Finally, write an informative conclusion highlighting the results and data gathered through your research that tackle the topical dilemma. Based on this conclusion, make several recommendations related to the findings of your research, advising your audience, fellow researchers and industry professionals on how best to resolve the dilemma. Finish it off with a list of references and appendices and you are good to go!

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      How Can We Help?

      Writing a dissertation doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t take a week. Some may think this is possible, but we guarantee you will find the results disappointing. It is a long and treacherous process filled with unfamiliar obstacles and challenges. From the moment you choose your topic, to the day you decide to submit it for grading, your dissertation will be on your mind constantly. Make sure you make this journey as smooth and fulfilling as possible with the right dissertation help!

      At ScriptieMaster, we help dissertation candidates every day with common problems such as the selection of their topic, the compilation of relevant research materials and the organization of their documents. Regardless of the phase of the writing process you find yourself in, improvement and optimization is always possible. Structuring of the document, gathering and analyzing of results, and time planning are just a few of many, many dissertation-related headaches that we can help you with.

      We have carefully selected experienced dissertation tutors in order to provide the best dissertation help possible. With specialists in a wide variety of fields, from medicine to law, our MatchMakers are certain to find the perfect dissertation tutor to guide you through the relentless storm.

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      Accessible Dissertation Help

      Wondering how our dissertation help is put into practice? Good question! When you are paired up with the optimal dissertation tutor by one of our eager MatchMakers, you will be able to call upon their assistance with any issue you see fit. Whether you want their opinion on your theoretical framework, their assistance with the composition of your literature review, or their insight on the analysis of your results, your personal dissertation tutor will be available for support via email, phone, and WhatsApp at any time.

      Arrange one-on-one meetings in person with your tutor at one of several convenient locations throughout the country, so you can discuss in depth the problems you are facing and the solutions that can be explored. If you prefer your personal communication via online channels such as Skype or FaceTime, that option is also available to you. Cut down on the travel time and expenses by arranging a video call with your tutor and we guarantee an equally productive experience.

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